Pre – Contract

G-PES LIMITED Provides a professional consultancy services in all stages of construction project, i.e. during the inception stage, design stage (Feasibility studies and detailed designs, etc.) and management of the actual construction works. The services are categorised as Pre-Contract and Post- Contract.


Stage I: Preliminary data collections

  • Visit to the sites, taking client’s instructions in relations to the project’s requirements;
  • Arrange and undertake measurements of the existing structures, etc. where applicable;
  • Further discussion with the client concerning specific design concepts;
  • Any other details as required by the TOR and client’s concern

Stage II: Preliminary design stage

  • During the preliminary design stage, major emphasis is upon civil, mechanical, and architectural design. The baseline design of all systems will also be completed at this time to ensure that they are integrated properly into the structures, etc.; Architectural concepts (if required) are developed, and structural systems identified;
  • All the required site investigations are made before completing this step. Based upon these investigations, the criteria are developed by the engineers to be used in the detailed design phase;
  • Design or solution alternatives are developed to the required standards with rough or indicative cost estimates being worked upon with the most technical and cost effective alternative recommended for use subject to the client’s approval;
  • Preparation of preliminary design report to be discussed by the Client.

Stage III: Detail design stage

  • Undertake detailed engineering design to the required standards in consideration to the feasibility or preliminary stage recommendations if any;
  • Production of detail engineering drawings to the required standards;
  • Submission of final detail engineering design report to the requirements.

Stage IV: Tender documentation preparation

  • Preparation of working drawings and specifications;
  • Preparation of bills of quantities and completion of other tender and contract documents to the client’s and financiers standards and other requirements;
  • Preparation of engineers estimate based on the tender documents.

Stage V: Tender documents approval

  • Submission of the project documents to authorities for approval;
  • Advertising and pre-qualifying suitable contractors and floating tenders;
  • Check returned tenders, report and recommendations for acceptance by client.